Have you ever wished that you could take a picture with your eyes? Everyone has experienced capturing an image with a regular camera that just doesn't live up to the depth and brilliance of the actual image that our eyes are seeing. The amp HDR camera was developed by Contrast to help solve this very problem and with hopes that it may change the scope of how the world uses, and interacts with HDR. Founded in 2016, amp Cameras LLC, brings real-time HDR Video systems into the mainstream. Our technology is covered by four issued US patents, one issued foreign patent, and five US patents pending for HDR imaging technology.

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and refers to a scene that includes both bright and dark elements — the sun, reflecting off water, with deep shadows in the tree lines, or even a regularly lit person standing against the glare of an open window. Contrast’s amp HDR camera system employs our patented amp image-splitting and combining technology to compose a single video stream from multiple sensors. Contrast’s merging algorithm — a proprietary mix of real-time merging, blending and horsepower — handles exposure separations of five stops or more. The amp HDR camera system provides images and video in real-time, and produces and displays accurate, real-life scenes with displayed luminance ranges that go far beyond what is possible with any other camera. You get images that are always perfectly exposed, which capture the entire light range in every frame.

By expanding the contrast ratio and color palette compared to standard video cameras, amp allows for a more realistic and natural video experience, enhancing all the details of a given scene.

This type of progressive technology will pioneer the future of HDR content generation and video for many industries, including: broadcast and streaming video, medical endoscopy, industrial welding, molding and cutting processes, military imaging systems for tracking and recording, security and surveillance, sports events, nature documentaries, underwater photography and even consumer cell phone cameras and digital cameras. We are able to customize our proprietary technology to support your content creation within any category of need.


Live Real-Time High Dynamic Range Video

Click here

to watch Nora’s TEDxAbq talk on this incredible technology,

which showcases an earlier version of the amp HDR video camera, which has evolved into a much smaller camera, named the JOULE that is currently 2.8” wide x 2.1” tall x 3.6” inches long.

Industry Solutions

Our amp HDR camera system can be used in a wide range of industries and situations. From defense and military executions, to industrial or medical solutions and even mainstream media and entertainment, our patented system allows for real-time image capturing in challenging solutions, with exceptional detail and quality every single time.

“Contrast created a higher level idea of how to structure an HDR video camera that is more flexible and not sensor-dependent. Their concept is viable and important in the world of HDR Cinematography, because as camera sensors improve, we can interchange better sensors into their amp camera.”
-Industrial Researchers on topic of HDR, international media company

“Contrast’s AMP HDR video camera gives us an infinite quality of visual communications. This quality doesn’t exist anywhere else.”
-CEO and president, video conferencing company

Relevant Industries

starDefense - Capture images under challenging light conditions and track key assets with unparalleled detail.

Process Control - High-confidence object-detection against challenging backgrounds, day or night.

Industrial - Real-time capture and display of all light levels provides exceptional detail to improve process and safety.

Remote sensing - Capture critical science or industry images in challenging environments with true color.

Medical - Enhance crucial details for surgeons, even when illumination levels are quickly changing.