At the heart of the amp camera is a patented method for splitting up the light from a single camera lens onto three image sensors. All images are captured using the exact same exposure time and are spatially identical. The images are separated by a large number of stops, typically over 3.5 stops. Once captured, images are combined in realtime using proprietary merging algorithms, with over 17 stops of dynamic range.

If you’re still longing for information on how amp works, check out the Technical Paper that was accepted to SIGGRAPH. It is a detailed account of our prototype, algorithms and results.

  • Team

    The amp team enjoys the integration their overlapping skill sets bring to both the creation and the implementation of the amp technology.  All of the team members are extraordinary in their field, but because they mesh so well as a team,  together, they are greater than the sum of their expertise.

  • Nora Tocci

    Ms. Tocci is an entrepreneur and a key driver in the success of amp, establishing the  amp  vision and brand. She has served as the president and financial administrator for amp’s parent company (Contrast Optical), managing its day-to-day operations, since its inception in 2005. She manages projects and keeps contracts on task and on time. Ms. Tocci assisted with the optical architecture of the amp technology, specifically focusing on its hardware manifestation for manufacture. She has interfaced with all aspects of the design to ensure that the prototype and Gen2 prototypes are all built to specification. She conceived and is responsible for the housing design of amp’s Gen2 system. Additionally, she spearheads all marketing and branding efforts for Contrast and its associated products. She interfaces with mechanical, industrial, optical, and electrical teams in order to realize products on time and under budget.

  • Michael D. Tocci, Ph.D.

    Professor Mike Tocci is the "optical architect" and inventor of the amp system. He is solely responsible for securing all intellectual property (patents, trademarks, and copyrights) for the amp technology. With a deep and extensive background in military and medical systems, engineering and project management, and a solid grounding in physics, he is perfectly suited to guide the development and maturation of the amp technology.  Professor Tocci is an author of 17 issued U.S. patents and 6 pending U.S. and international patents for optical devices. He has also authored dozens of peer-reviewed publications and presentations at national and international conferences.

  • Chris Kiser. Ph.D.

    Dr. Chris Kiser is amp's lead Electronics Engineer. Chris is instrumental in the development of the amp camera electronics and firmware. He led the effort to devise and develop the algorithm for combining the images captured with the first prototype HDR camera. Dr. Kiser continues to find elegant solutions to difficult hurdles and is a tremendously valuable part of the team. His knowledge of algorithm design and implementation into hardware, such as FPGAs and PCB design, is world-leading.


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