• Military


    • Military imaging systems are often used for tracking and recording fast-moving targets under challenging light conditions (direct sunlight, fire/explosions, bright lights, rocket plumes, covert targets shrouded in darkness, etc.).
    • Military and defense image capturing is critical, time wise. There is never a chance for a second take.
    • Losing part of an image because of saturation (too bright) or noise (too dark) can, literally, be a matter of life and death for soldiers and those they protect.
    • amp offers the only camera solution that can capture over 155dB of light dynamic range with every frame of video, using any sensor desired (even ultra-high-framerate sensors)

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  • Film


    • Lighting is the art and science of cinema, film and video. For the movies – theatrical and documentary – television, new, and online video, lighting is its own budget line item. It is also a significant component of any shoot’s schedule. Whether staged or natural, lighting presents challenges that normal cameras cannot handle.
    • amp offers a very easy, economical, quick solution to all these lighting problems by capturing all the light in a scene making use of all the available light.

    Sports Photography / Video

    • Lighting during sports shoots is unpredictable and, often, uncontrollable. Direct sun creates harsh shadows and can make sports photography (and video) extremely challenging to get right. Sometimes the dynamic range is just too much and the shadows look noisy and grainy while direct sunlit subjects are blown out.
    • Sports shots are a once-only event – you never get to try for a second take on a shot
    • amp technology makes it possible to shoot outdoor sports like never before. Images are always perfectly-exposed without fiddling with apertures or exposure times. Never let another perfect shot get away.

    Nature Photography / Documentaries

    • By default, nature documentaries and photographs are made using natural light conditions. Direct sun creates harsh shadows and can make nature photography (and video) extremely challenging. The dynamic range is often beyond a camera’s capabilities, resulting in noisy shadows and grainy, blown out swaths of direct sunlight.
    • Many nature shots are fleeting – there are no second chances.
    • amp technology makes it possible to shoot nature scenes and documentaries like never before. Images are always perfectly exposed, no matter how much, or how little time you have to make it perfect. Never let another perfect shot get away.

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  • Manufacturing


    • Manufacturing and Industrial photography and videography contribute greatly to process inspection, evaluation and quality control. The technical challenges posed are daunting. Inconsistent lighting, vast shifts in tonality and environmental restrictions are standard. amp cuts through all these challenges.
    • For detailed inspection of parts, lighting is critical. However too much light and details get washed out, while shadows can cause the dark areas to be obscured.
    • For welding, molding, and cutting processes, light levels cannot be controlled. It is often impossible for a typical camera to see and/or catch the entire scene.
    • amp offers the only solution to capture the entire light range in every frame and image.

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  • Automotive


    • More and more cars are using night-vision infrared cameras to enhance visibility while driving at night
    • Some of these systems rely on infrared illumination: objects 7 feet away are 100x brighter than objects 70 feet away.
    • amp if the only camera that can capture this entire light range in every frame of video

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  • Mobile


    • Cellphone cameras and camcorders are used in every light situation imaginable, with the expectation that the result always be optimum. As a result, many cellphone photographs and videos are ruined by poor lighting and exposure.
    • All cellphone cameras can all benefit from amp technology, which allows them to capture professionally-exposed images with every frame, automatically.

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  • Consumer


    • Consumer digital cameras and camcorders are used everywhere, by everyone – and everyone wants their images to look good, regardless of the relative simplicity of the technology they use, or their skill levels as photograpers.
    • Consumer digital imaging products benefit from amp technology, which enables the capture of professionally-exposed images with every frame, with no technical skill or knowledge, or supplemental technology, on behalf of the user.

    Surveillance / Security

    • Security cameras are often used in locations with poor lighting conditions:
      • Dark parking lots with occasional, moving car headlight illumination
      • Bright sunlight/stark shadows
      • Dim hallways with lighting fixtures that can turn on/off
    • amp is the only technological solution to the problem posed by uncontrollable lighting conditions, capable of capturing the entire light range with every video frame.

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  • Design


    • HDR photography is extremely popular, but it never allowed for moving subjects in the scene – until now. amp puts HDR photography into the hands of artists and professional photographers, for the first time allowing HDR photographs to be taken of moving subjects.
    • amp is a brand new tool for artists and professional photographers, providing them with the ability to capture images where and how they want to – there is no need to adjust the camera for lighting or exposure.

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  • Science


    • In scientific experiments, every frame of video is extremely important and unique, and often cannot be easily replicated.
    • Scientific imaging scenarios can contain large ranges in lighting, sometimes with very short pulses of high-intensity lasers.
    • amp offers an imaging solution that is sensor-agnostic (and wavelength agnostic). The amp system can capture over 155dB of light dynamic range in each and every frame of video. Wavelengths and frame rates of capture are limited only by the sensors chosen.

    Underwater Photography

    • Bright floodlights are always used in deep water video. A subject that is 2 feet away from the flood light is more than 10 times as bright as one that is 6 feet away. The need to record underwater demands use of a camera that can manage that tonal and light dynamic range without any image degradation.
    • amp can capture the entire light range in every frame of video.

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  • Medical


    • Endoscopy relies on high-brightness illumination, usually located right next to the imaging system.
    • A small increase in distance causes a large drop in light levels: close objects can be saturated and blown out while slightly further objects are too dark to see. This, clearly, flies in the face of the kind of detailed documentation and/or surgery that needs to happen under these conditions.
    • amp captures the entire light range and, therefore, all the critical details with each video frame.

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  • Real Estate

    Real Estate

    • Real estate photos are often taken using HDR, with the following limitations: The camera is static, nothing in the scene can move, multiple snapshots are taken at different exposures and each digital photo must be uploaded to a computer where computer software stitches them together to make a single high-contrast HDR photo.
    • amp is the only camera that offers true, real-time HDR photos and video to be taken:
      • No tripod required
      • Anything in the scene can move
      • All image-stitching and processing is done inside the camera (no computer needed)
      • Immediate HDR video or photos displayable in real time on a TV screen or portable smartphone/tablet.

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